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    Porda XIII Jabar Compete 60 Cabor


    BOGOR REGENCY-Regional Sports Week (Porda) XIII West Java will be held in Bogor regency on 6-15 October 2018, along with the West Java Paralympic Week (Peparda) Jabar.

    In contrast to previous events, Porda XIII this time will compete as many as 60 Sports Branch (Cabor) with the number of matches amounted to 879. While Peparda V consists of 502 game numbers from 12 Cabor contested. This is the number of sports and the most number of matches in the history of organizing Porda and Peparda Jabar.

    Related to that Acting Governor of West Java, H. Mochamad Iriawan held a meeting to organize Porda XIII / Peparda V Jabar with Bogor Regent, chairman of KONI Jabar and chairman of NPCI Jabar in Pakansari stadium Bogor regency, Tuesday (10/07/2018). In his direction, Iriawan asked in addition to be successful, the title Porda XIII / Peparda V Jabar also must be a place to find seeds of leading Jabar athletes to face PON XX in Papua in 2020.

    "This event must be successful and to look for athletes seeds for the preparation of PON XX, therefore we ask for maximum, chairman of KONI later should be able to filter the best athletes," he said.

    Porda XIII / Peparda V Jabar will be held in 41 venues located in 5 subdistricts. While the other 12 venues will be held outside the Bogor Regency, namely in the city of Bogor, Cimahi, Depok, Karawang and Pangandaran. For Peparda venue all located in Bogor Regency except Cabor Bowling in Bogor City. So, Iriawan hope that during this event took place to give economic impact, especially for the people of Bumi Tegar Beriman.

    "This event must have an economic impact for the surrounding community," he said.

    Porda XIII will compete for 2204 gold medals, 2218 silver and 3001 bronze. For Peparda V the committee prepares 502 gold medals, 502 bronze, and 502 silver. Opening and closing ceremony will be held at the Pakansari Bogor stadium.

    Appointed to host, Regent of Bogor Nurhayanti expressed his readiness. It continues to boost the renovation of several venues match according to the standard.

    "Of course we have prepared since appointed to host the year 2015 and the promotion we have done since the far day," he said.
     since a long day," he said.

    Nurhayanti revealed, the target to be achieved in Porda XIII / Peparda V Jabar is successful organizing, successful achievement, successful administration, economic success, and successful culture.

    "It is our hope and our target to be achieved," he said.

    Maskot Porda XIII / Peparda V Jabar this time named Wela and Wili which is a pair of tiger carnivorous animals who once settled on Mount Halimun.

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