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    Len and Lake Transportation and Crossings (ASDP) Develop Modern Crossing Transportation through Digital Ticketing System


    BANDUNG-A fast growing digital world encourage companies to optimize superior business to provide benefits and convenience for the community. One proof that is being done PT Len Industri as a technology-based company, namely through the signing of a memorandum of understanding with PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero).

    The cooperation is in the form of development of ticket service system used in the business process of crossing transportation on board and optimization of renewable energy in ship and area owned by PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero).

    The signing of a memorandum of understanding or MoU was executed by PT Len Industri President Director Zakky Yasin Gamal with President Director of PT ASDP Ira Puspadewi at Len Bandung Head Office on Wednesday (11/7). Also attending the event were Operational Director II Len, Adi Sufiadi Yusuf and Board of Directors and Management of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero).

    The scope of cooperation is done both sides parties include the development of ticketing system services as well verification of passenger data using QR Code reader system. The synergy of BUMN also develops the system and ticket infrastructure namely barcode scanner and vehicle classification sensor.

    In addition, the developed system will be equipped
    with a power supply that utilizes solar renewable energy.

    President Director Len, Zakky Gamal Yasin in his speech expressed his gratitude for the trust of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry against Len. Zakky also said that Len has competence and experience in that field.

    "This is a strategic step of cooperation within the field of digitalization to support business activities transport crossing for the purpose of delivering optimal service for service activities passenger ferry," he explained.

    Similar phrase is also conveyed by President Director of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Ira Puspadewi who also appreciate the cooperation plan and is expected to improve business performance of both parties.

    "This cooperation is a strategic step from both companies in order to optimize the business potential of each company which is done by mutual benefit principle of both parties in accordance with the prevailing provisions," he said.

    The synergy between SOEs should always be done because every SOE has the potential of each that can optimize the business results and is expected to be able to make both companies become bigger and better. Len's cooperation with other SOEs in the field of ICT in shipping has also been done recently, namely in May, namely the construction of telecommunications facilities and infrastructure and information in the form of internet services and supervision systems for 26 ships owned by Pelni. jo

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