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    Microbiology Lab Bio Farma Ready to Help the Food and Health Industry


    BANDUNG- Bio Farma participated in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Herbal Industry Exhibition through interactive talk show. It held at Plasa Exhibition Industry

    Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta on July 11, 2018. Talkshow which took the theme of Bio Farma Microbiology Laboratory for Industry and Security

    Food is presented by Dr. Mahsun Muhammadi, MKK Head of Quality Management Bio Farma.

    In his presentation, Dr. Mahsun explains, Bio Farma Microbiology Laboratory has been instrumental in helping Quality Control process of Bio Farma products to do

    Bacterial identification tests such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, listeria, E. Coli, Bacillus Cereus, coliform, Kapang and yeast identification, Total Plate Count

    (ALT) and others.

    Thus, Bio Farma Microbiology Lab has the capacity to test the quality of products, starting from raw materials, processes, and end products of physical contamination,

    such as microbiology, bacteria, so that the quality of the product can be maintained properly and remain safe for use by consumers, and ensure the safety of workers

    who are involved in the production process.

    Not only to the product course, Microbiology Lab which in 2016 has gained recognition at national and international level through the certificate of ISO 17025

    of the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) can monitor the industrial work environment to avoid contamination of the resulting product that can harm

    products and personnel who do it.

    "Our microbiology lab is ready to help large scale industries and small and medium enterprises, to check the quality of their products starting from raw materials, process,

    end products, even pollution control from harmful microbiological contaminants, "said Dr. Mahsun.

    Dr Mahsun added the test is suitable to be applied to businesses engaged in the food and beverage, health, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

    For example for the food industry can check food products to be free from disease-causing bacteria diarrhea, typhus, etc .. As for the industry

    health can help to monitor the environment of the hospital in general. (Even)

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