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    West Java Provincial Government Appreciates Police Performance, Indonesia Entered 9 Safest Countries in the World


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government appreciate the performance of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Polri). This appreciation is related to the implementation of securing the flow of homecoming back and forth 2018, security of Simultaneous Regional Elections 2018, and the predicate of Indonesia which entered in the ranks of ten safest countries in the world.

    This appreciation was conveyed by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa while attending the celebration of the 72nd Bhayangkara Day at Sudirman Grand Ballroom, Jalan Sudirman No. 620, the city of Bandung, Wednesday (11/7/18).

    "Happy Bhayangkara Day 72. Alhamdulillah, the achievements of the extraordinary Polri shown by Simultaneous Regional Elections run peacefully, smoothly, conducive. Then, the flow of back and forth and back and forth running very smoothly even the deterioration of accidents and congestion, "said Iwa.

    "And the last one is (Indonesia) got the world award. That Indonesia became the world's safest ninth country, "he continued.

    "These are the achievements of Polri that we need to be grateful and appreciate to all its staffs who are certainly shoulder to shoulder to improve the service so that Polri will be more loved by the people," said Iwa.

    Chief of Police: Public Belief in Police 82.9%

    Meanwhile, the Chief of Police Jenderla Tito Karnavian in his speech read by the West Java Police Chief Irjen Pol. Agung Budi Maryoto stated that the Police continue to clean up through the efforts of the promoter program. This is a follow up to the internal police reform program.

    This promoter program is done through professionalism and modernization to gain public trust. The promoter program focuses on three policies, namely performance improvement, culture improvement, and media management.

    In addition, Tito also revealed that public trust continues to increase. In 2016, Polri belonged to the three most unreliable public institutions in the country. However, the current level of public confidence in the Police is above 82%.

    "Now based on the results of surveys organized by various institutions have been in the top three institutions with the best public trust," said Tito.

    A survey conducted by Kompas Research and Development at the end of 2016 shows that the level of Public confidence in Police is only 63.2%. After one year of promoter program, Populis Center survey in August 2017 showed an improvement of Police performance where 67.6% of respondents were satisfied with the performance of Polri.

    "And the last R & D of Kompas in June 2018 shows public confidence in the Police reach 82.9 percent. These results indicate that 82.9 percent Indonesian citizens believe in the police, the highest since the reform era, "said Tito.

    Tito also revealed that the US-based top survey institute, states that Indonesia is ranked the ninth safest country in the world. This position is above the top 10 in Denmark and the Netherlands at position 15, even Japan in position 27.

    "The survey also revealed 69 percent of 148 thousand respondents, that in 142 countries believe that the local police in this case the Police in Indonesia are able to maintain the security within the country," said Tito.

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