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    Governor Daily Implementer (Pj) Governor Push Port Development Patimban


    SUBANG - Governor Daily Implementer (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan review the location of the Port of Patimban development, in Patimban Village, Subang Regency, Wednesday (11/07/2018).

    Iriawan, or familiarly called Iwan call the development of Port Patimban divided into several stages. For example, for Phase I of the first phase, Port Patimban will have a terminal with 300 meters dock and 420x35 meter container terminal.

    "The total length of the pier itself as a whole stage 1, 2 and 3 later, will reach 4.32 thousand meters, and the water depth of -10 m LWS (Low Water Spring)," said Iwan.

    Then, for the container field, the whole will have an area of ??35 hectares. Its own capacity will reach 250 thousand twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of total Phase 1 capacity of 3.75 million TEUs.

    Furthermore, in the first phase of the second phase will be developed vehicle terminal up to 690 meters. Meanwhile, the container terminal was extended and expanded to 1.740x35 meters from the total length of the entire pier 4.32 meters.

    Its own depth will be increased to -14 m LWS. Especially for the container field, the area is added 66 hectares with a capacity of 3.5 million TEUs. In total, Patimban Port is planned to have a capacity of 7.5 million TEUs of containers and 600 thousand CBU vehicles.

    "The stages are expected to be completed by 2027," said Iwan.

    Based on the Rl-Japan agreement, there are several supporting infrastructures that need to be prepared before the port construction activities. Among them, the main road from the state road to the port entrance is prepared by the central government (Ministry of Public Works).

    Then the preparation of Subway Toll (Cipali) -Palimanan based PP 13 NO 2017 About Changes PP. 26 of 2008 on RTRWN by Ministry of Public Works.

    "We will also prepare the Railway from Pagaden Patimban Station," added Iwan.

    Where is currently being made FS Railway to patimban by Director General of Railways Kemenhub.

    In addition, the construction of electricity by PLN (will be built SUTT 500 kv Cirebon-Bekasl through Pusakajaya District). Then, the plan Development of Water Supply System by PDAM Subang Regency with budget requirement of Rp. 83,694 Billion.

    "The financing will be supported by the Central Government," said Iwan.

    Meanwhile, in order to achieve the target of the realization of Port Patimban development, Iwan claimed to have ordered the relevant officials to immediately perform the steps according to their respective duties.

    "Now we are preparing land acquisition, the cost is quite big Rp 800 billion, the money already exists, we live communicate with the local community," said Iwan.

    To note, that the Plan of Supporting Facilities and Access Road Port Patimban Subang area, set with the needs of land area of ??± 372 hectares.

    The location of land acquisition for the Development of Support Facilities and Access Road of Patimban Port, covering Sub Pusakagara Subang Regency, consists of Patimban Village, Kalentambo Village, Gempol Village, Pusakaratu Village and Kotasari Village. Village Pusakajaya District Pusakajaya Subang Regency.

    Meanwhile, the investment value for the construction of the first phase of Phase 1-2 Patimban amounted to Rp25 Trillion Rupiah. Also the total needs of Patimban's own development budget is projected to reach Rp. 43 Trillion.

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