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    September 2018, West Java Provincial Government Targets Ciawi-Cigombong Toll Completed


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) is targeting the completion of construction of Ciawi-Cigombong toll road in September 2018.

    Daily Implementer of West Java Governor, Mochammad Iriawan, said that the 15.3 km toll road development is not facing the problem of land acquisition so that in the near future it can connect with the national road. The existence of this toll road, said Iriawan, can be used by the community with a shorter travel time.

    "We have interchanges from Caringin because there is a land acquisition process," said Iriawan after reviewing the Ciawi-Cigombong toll road development process in Bogor Regency on Tuesday (10 / 7/2018)

    He emphasized that the construction of this toll road is almost complete, only completing the construction of road signs. The acceleration of this toll road development process due to the weather conditions in the development area is quite good, including the smoothness of land acquisition.

    "All the infrastructure has been built just a little process workmanship," he said

    He added that based on the results of the developer's report is expected to build the second toll road of Cigombong-Cibadak-West Sukabumi, can be built within a period of two years. He also hopes that in the near future, the second toll road construction can be used by the community.

    "Hopefully the land acquisition is not a problem and the construction is relatively fitting so that it can be accelerated its development to facilitate access to the community," he concluded. (Even)

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