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    Iriawan Said About the Readiness of Asian Games Venue in Bogor District 100 Percent


    BOGOR REGENCY- Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Mochammad Iriawan said the readiness of venues in Bogor District is almost 100 percent. So, he appealed to all parties to participate in the success of the 2018 Asian Games which will be held on August 18, 2018.

    He appelaed to the local government (Local Government) to immediately prepare both facilities and infrastructure to support the success of the Asian Games party.

    "This is the biggest sporting event in Asia, one of them using infrastructure in Bogor Regency, therefore, for the Regent of Bogor, be prepared, please" said Iriawan after reviewing Pakansari stadium Bogor regency, Tuesday (10/7/2018)

    The successful of organizing of Asian Games 2018 also involves various related elements, not just the responsibility of the Government of Bogor Regency.

    Iriawan revealed, one thing that must be considered related to the entry access of the officials and athletes who will join the event. Moreover, if there is a soccer match involving supporters.

    Iriawan is also joined in Inasgoc committee of Deputy IV by in charge of security element and the main task is the traffic and security functions, remind to pay attention to access to the venue of the match.

    "Do not let them come late to the arena, so that they are disqualified, please, TNI-Polri officers can prepare it well," he said.

    Based on the report of the chairman of the organizing committee of each venue that will be the arena of the 2018 Asian Games in Bogor district is quite ready. However, Iriawan asked the Bogor Regent to keep doing the inspection in a massive manner so that the execution runs smoothly.

    "Although every venue is reportedly ready but I ask the Regent Bogor to continue checking the venue regularly," he said.

    On the occasion, the Daily Implementer of West Java Governor also asked some things to the Regent of Bogor, including facilities and infrastructure, Human Resources (SDM), open-clossing ceremony, especially the implementation of the pavement and Paperda because the show is done in the same time, then the implementation of this sport event have a positive impact on the surrounding community. In addition, questioning the procurement process of equipment, preparation of panpel personnel of each sport (sports) organization of Asian Games 2018.

    "What is clear from the provinces, please note the shortcomings and immediately followed up. The point is I ask for this activity must be well organize and success," he said. (Even)

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