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    Citarum Restoration Commander III Siliwangi Invites PJT II


    Purwakarta-Pangdam III / Siliwangi TNI Major General Harto Karyawan, S.H, M.Tr (Han), signed a MoU in cooperation with PJT II President Director, Djoko Saputro located at Istora Jatiluhur Restaurant Area Purwakarta Regency, Monday (9/7/2018).

    Attending the event were the President Director and secretary of PJT II, ??Danrem 063 / SGJ, Irdam, Aren, the Citarum Task Force, The Assistants, Kabalakdam III / Siliwangi, Dandim and Purwakarta Police Chief.

    Pangdam III / Siliwangi Major General Harto Karyawan, SH, M.Tr (Han) said that the signing of the agreement covers the coordination of security and assistance in the management, operation, business and recovery of natural resources ecosystem in PJT II working area at Jalan Lurah Kawi Village no 1 Jatiluhur.

    According to him, the Citarum problem cannot be solved with one-sided or two parties only.

    "We start thinking from upstream to down stream and can not just one," he said.

    Meanwhile, the Director of PJT II Djoko Saputro said that his side has contributed to the normalization of the Citarum River.

    "What we have contributed to this country, hopefully, we know each other, for the future will be even better, which starts from cooperation with the signing of this MoU," he concluded. Jo.

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