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    The Strategies to Face MEA in West Java


    BANDUNG-The Asean Economic Community (MEA) has been in force since December 31, 2015. It required the community, business or industry in the country to prepare themselves to compete with the other country in ASEAN.
    Being a populous province and the largest industrial sector in Indonesia, West Java has a lot of chances and could become a large market to share in MEA. West Java Provincial Government did not stay and have set up a few strategies related economic and business opportunities that can be obtained with the implementation of the MEA.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) stated that West Java has been prepared to face the MEA single market. It has set up a few steps and anticipation, both in terms of human resources and quality of goods and services, including business licensing in their area.
    "Certification of the workforce and improving the UKM quality as well as easiness the business license was continued to be undertaken. So then if we look forward, the businesses including facilitation and permitting has been easy,” said Aher after participating in the Fun Walk event held by the Indonesian Economists Association (ISEI) and BJB bank at West Java Perjuangan Monument on Saturday morning (27/02/16).
    In the event with theme “Build the Spirit of Competition in the Asean Economic Community" with the slogan "Go MEA!!! Who's Afraid?”. Aher revealed that besides increased of human resources and the quality of production of goods and services, the banking industry must support the passion of UKM to participate in economy and business.
    "Make it easy in all permits and business. Banks must also be prepared if the interest rates for UKM already determined by the central government. So we just continue to guide the society to build up their professionalism, their quality of goods produced, and services. Insya Allah I have to say that we are ready to face the MEA,” said Aher.
    Aher added, the West Java provincial government continued to work together with the central government regarding the business license. However, there are some business license that required locations such as mining business which still requires a process relates to the spatial and environmental.
    "If the business related to spatial planning was still a bit slow. Because it must see its spatial. But if there is no spatial, without room earth used for our businesses and existing in a specific area, it’s not so difficult. Especially for those who already in that area,” said Aher.
    Relating to labor, Aher still required a commitment to investors from outside to put the local workforce in the business areas that concerned by continuing to improve the ability of the local workforce in order to compete with foreign workers who will go into West Java.
    “Certainly, in each investors we will be told that the number of labor should mostly from West Java or domestic origin. Then we will make regulations, but hopefully there is a regulation from the centre, at least the commitment. If the regulations were made more difficult for the foreign workers, it will impacted to our workforce who work outside. It should clearly must be protecting each other in the sense of protecting 

    our communities with further improve the quality, production, and health,” said Aher.
    Meanwhile, Chairman of the West Java ISEI Aldrin Herwany said the fun walk event followed by 4,000 people who came from West Java, and also outside of West Java was aimed to disseminate the MEA and moral movement to foster the spirit in the face of MEA.
    "We're just doing a moral movement and build the spirit and motivating people in facing the MEA. Actually, the people in Indonesia is ready to compete,” he said.
    In addition to the fun walk activity, this event also held a variety of exhibitions such as products of UKM and business consulting for small businesses, including UKM.
    These event was attended by the Chairman of the Central ISEI who is also the Chairman of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) Muliaman D Hadad, wife of the West Java Governor Netty Heryawan Prasetiyani, President Director of BJB Bank Irfan Ahmad and his staff, the Head of OPD in West Java, as well as other relevant officials.

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