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    West Java Regional Election Commission (KPUD Jabar) Appreciate the Performance of the General Election Commission (KPU) Regency / City


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Election Commission (KPU) appreciates all KPUDs in City and District who have successfully performed the vote counting and recapitulation of the 2018 Governor and Vice Governor Election of West Java well.

    According to the Chairman of West Java KPUD Yayat Hidayat, the performance of KPUD in City and District has performed well overall, ranging from the electoral process Jabar to carry out the calculation and recapitulation of vote results West Java Governor Election 2018.

    "What has been done KPU in the City / District is very good, this is a very remarkable achievement and cool," said Yayat, KPU Jabar Jl. Garut No. 11 Bandung Saturday (07/07) night.

    Meanwhile, Commissioner of Planning and Data Division of West Java KPUD Ferdinand Bariguna assess, West Java has been able to carry out Governor Election and Election of Regional Head well and smoothly.

    "Although there are many rumours circulating, we are grateful that the results of Governor Election and Election of Regional Head in the City / District can change well and smoothly," he said.

    The same was stated by Commissioner of General, Finance and Logistics Division, Agus Rustandi. According to Agus, the possibility of election disputes should be a space to account for the work as well as to deny allegations and complaints.

    "The settlement at the Constitutional Court is not a matter of winning or losing, but the opportunity to prove performance at the same time explains that we have made decisions based on mechanisms and procedures," he said. (Parno)

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