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    Iriawan: Do not Play Around with Waste!


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Acting West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan conducted a review one of the plants around the Citarum watershed. It is suspected that this textile mill discharges its waste directly into the Citarum River without first being processed through an adequate Waste Treatment (ipal).

    "It seems so (waste disposal to Citarum), so it is closed (waste processing machine) by friends from Dansektor," said Iriawan after reviewing the existing factory in Majalaya, Bandung regency, Friday (6/7/18).

    Iriawan see directly Ipal in the factory. The resulting waste is a thick black B-3 liquid with high temperature and smelly. "I have seen the waste shelter, surely will not be able to accommodate with the size of a factory like this," said Iriawan.

    On this occasion, Iriawan explicitly asked all industries in the vicinity of the Citarum River to be able to process industrial waste through Ipal adequate or in accordance with applicable regulations. As a result of the illegal waste disposal this caused a lot of losses.

    "I want these factories to really follow the rules, which must do the proper waste treatment. firmly Iriawan.

    "I will maximize this (waste handling) because many victims, environmental victims, human casualties, etc. We can not allow this, we must uphold the law (maximally) to change," he continued.

    Some time ago, the Environment Agency (DLH) Bandung District with Dansektor has closed the eleven production machines in the factory. Head of DLH Bandung regency Asep Kusuma said, Ipal existing factory is not in accordance with applicable regulations.

    "Ipal is not in accordance with the provisions, the seal is still unopened," Asep said when met after accompanying Acting Governor of West Java to review the factory.

    According to Asep, the industry from the beginning has been given the right to try. Therefore, the industry is also required to fulfill the obligations of the company, one of them to make Ipal which is in accordance with industry standard requirements. Moreover, this factory is adding production capacity, so there is excessive waste load.

    "When the right is accepted obligations are not implemented there are sanctions given. One of them stops the source of its contaminants. Among them by sealing (machine production), "he concluded.

    Article Corruption

    A day before, Acting West Java Governor Iriawan has also been coordinating with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) RI. Through KPK Head of Precision Coordination and Supervision Unit KPK Asep Rahmat Suwanda, Iriawan asked for a review on the subject of corruption chapter for environmental polluters, especially those around the Citarum River Basin.

    "In other than the agency in West Java, I also communicate with KPK, I ask to be studied, involving Head of Department of Environment of West Java, to be able to (environmental pollution case) brought to the realm of corruption crime," said Iriawan.

    This is to create a deterrent effect for environmental pollutants in Citarum. "So I expect to make a deterrent effect for manufacturers that do not follow the rules, where to do the proper waste treatment," he concluded.

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