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    Usmar Gave Message For DPC AKLI Bogor to Make Innovation


    BOGOR  CIT- Indonesian Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Association (AKLI) held a halal-bihalal event on Friday (06/07/2018) at Salak Tower Hotel, Salak Street, Sempur Village, Bogor Tengah Sub-district, Bogor City. Not only halal-bihalal after Idul Fitri, but also as a consolidation event 72 members AKLI DPC Bogor.

    Also present was Vice Mayor of Bogor Usmar Hariman who opened the halal-bihalal event as well as giving speech related to development and lighting problem in Bogor city.

    Usmar said Bogor City has a Bogor Caang Program, at least 3,000 street lighting lights (PJU) installed in 68 urban villages or 792 RWs. But this number is still less and will continue to be added in the budget changes.

    "We also hope there is innovation from AKLI especially in the field of lighting in the city of Bogor. If there can be no more hanging wires, everything is in the ground, "he explained.

    Not only that, Usmar also disclose the cost of payment PJU Bogor city which reached Rp. 20 Billion in a year. And in accordance with the agreement with Bogor City DPRD PJU tax now rose to 5 percent after for 10 years only 3 percent.

    "The maximum law is an 8 percent increase, but we take the middle course 5 percent," he added.

    On that occasion also Usmar to say farewell to all members of DPC AKLI Bogor. Given in September he will resign from his post as Vice Mayor of Bogor. Because it will progress in the Legislative Elections (Pileg) West Java DPRD.

    "I want to thank you and apologize for my term of office is coming to an end. I also hope the development of lighting in the city of Bogor in the future to be better, "he concluded. (fla / ismet / icha / opi / dimas-SZ)

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