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    Governor Explains West Java Conditions in Front of Rapimda TNI-Polri


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan gave a briefing on the Rapimda military and Police of West Java Province in 2016 at the Hall of Susilo Sudarman Pusdik Cavalry Padalarang West Bandung regency, on Friday February 26, 2016.

    Rapimda TNI-Police of West Java province was carrying theme “Based on Professionalism and Mental Revolution in Synergy of TNI-Police in Securing Government Policy in West Java Province”.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan provided briefing material on the overview and directions of Development Policy in West Java.

    The event was presented by Commander III Siliwangi General Major Hadi Prasojo, West Java police chief, General Inspector of Police Moechgiyarto, Cimahi Mayor Atty suharti Toehija, the military and police officers and was directly witnessed by the West Java Police via teleconference.

    In this occasion, governor revealed about the condition of population growth and economic conditions in West Java.

    In terms of population, Aher explained the population of West Java in 2008 as many as 42,5 million people, while in 2011 as many as 44,3 million people, in 2013 as many as 45,34 million people, and in 2015 as many as 46,709 million people. The total population projected in 2029 was estimated to reach 54.1 million.

    For the economy: the GDP in 2015 amounted to Rp 1525.15 trillion and the GDP per capita amounted to 32.65 million. For inflation during 2015, amounting to 2.73%. The rate of economic growth (LPE) 5.06%. The achievement of human development index (HDI) in 2015 amounted to 69.49. Average Old School (RLS) during 7.76 years and life expectancy (AHH) reached 75,52 years.

    The condition in West Java was explained that there are 27 regencies with the total area of 3.709.528,44 Ha and a number of districts as many as 626, 641 administrative villages and 5,962 villages.

    From the total West Java population in 2015 as many as 46,709.569 million, appears that the number of poor reached 9.57%.

    Regarding infrastructure development explained that the road conformability  achieved to 97.80%. The electrification ratio reached 94.04%. PAM coverage by 67,13%, the irrigation in good condition to achieve 69,65%, and the protection areas reached 37.40%.

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