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    Pertamina Adjust Non Subsidized Fuel Price


    BANDUNG - PT. Pertamina (Persero) adjust the price of Fuel Oil (BBM), especially Pertamax Series and Dex Series which apply in gas stations all over Indonesia. However, for the Premium price, Solar and Pertalite are not up.

    Pertamina's Vice President of Corporate Communications, Adiatma Sardjito, explained that several regions, such as Papua, West Papua, Maluku, North Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara and Gorontalo Pertamax pricing were lowered.

    This is intended to encourage the use of quality fuel and tailored to the purchasing power of the Community.

    "Example in Maluku and Papua, Pertamax price is lowered to Rp 9.700 / liter," he said, Friday (6/7/2018)

    The price adjustment of Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Dexlite and Pertamina Dex fuel prices is the impact of world crude oil prices that continue to climb where the current world oil price average reached 75 dollars per barrel.

    "Raw material is crude oil, of course, when world oil prices rise will be followed by fuel prices," he said.

    Adiatma added fuel price adjustment of Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Dexlite and Pertamina Dex types to Pertamina as a business entity, with reference to ESDM No. 34 of 2018 The Fifth Amendment to Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 39 of 2014, Concerning the Calculation of Retail Fuel Prices.

    Based on these provisions, Pertamina has set the price of Pertamax for DKI Jakarta area at Rp 9,500 / liter, while Pertamax Turbo Rp 10.700 / liter. As for the Dex Series, set the price of Pertamina Dex Rp 10,500 / liter, and Dexlite Rp 9000 / liter.

    "This price adjustment is also in the framework of Pertamina can still survive to provide fuel with adequate supply as needed continuously so as not to disrupt the consumer in everyday activities anywhere," he added.

    Pertamina also appreciate people who are loyal using quality fuel, environmentally friendly and in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle. Therefore, the change in fuel prices Pertamax Series and Dex Series, according to Adiatma is still more competitive.

    "We always provide fuel with the b]est quality and price for loyal consumers of Pertamina," he concluded. (Jo)

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