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    Environment Affects the Development of Autism Cases


    BANDUNG-Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), it is mentioned that in the world today there are about 35 million people with autism, which means 6 out of 1,000 people suffer from autism, while in Indonesia people with autism reach 112.000 children with age range 5-19 years old.

    Existing Specialist School Specialists (SLBs) who deal with autism in Indonesia are currently considered to be minimal, whereas people with autism need special education, so that they have the same opportunities, and if any, most run with limited resources and equipment.

    Asep Hilman, as the Chairman of the Bani Enim Foundation which oversees Autism Special School (SLB) Bunda Bening, gave appreciation to Bank Indonesia which has provided various needs for the smoothness of the process of activities in SLB.

    "Help school equipment, tableware, tables, chairs, is very meaningful for us for the implementation of activities in the SLB, where the method used with therapy," said Asep.

    Meanwhile, Headmaster of SLB Autism Bunda Bening, Nining Khadijah said the children who studied at SLB Autisme Bunda Bening currently come from 22 provinces in Indonesia with varying levels of autism.

    "In addition to therapy and education, socialization and acceptance of the community and the environment are important elements to support the development of children," Nining said after receiving assistance at SLB Autisme Bunda Bening in Cileunyi, Bandung regency, Wednesday (04/07) afternoon.

    Nining confessed, since they entered the SLB Autisme Bunda Bening, many children have experienced significant development, where they already know the color, can talk and interact with the environment.

    "The development of children is quite good, because it is supported by various factors one of them the environment around where they are," he said. (Parno)

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