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    Council Requests to Fix Technical Constraints PPDB Online


    BANDUNG - Vice Chairman of Commission V of West Java Provincial Parliament Yomanius Untung appealed that the information system of New Student Admission (PPDB) at Senior High School level / Vocational High School and the equivalent of the academic year 2018 in West Java could be better than 2017, so the problem of technical constraints as in the implementation of PPDB last year did not happen again.

    "Online PPDB had a problem, we expect better, especially now there is penyempuranaan system," he said.

    According to Untung, although from the result of working visit some members of Commission V DPRD West Java to a number of SMA / SMK in West Java not found the problem but the improvement needs to be done for the better.

    "Visit to a number of schools in the region as a form of supervision of the implementation of PPDB 2018, and the interim results, not found significant obstacles, for non-academic pathway run smoothly," he said.

    Fortunately, the DPRD Jabar has not been able to provide overall evaluation of PPDB's tetkait since the academic track has just been held on 5 July 2018 yesterday.

    "We are optimistic that all the processes can run smoothly, this PPDB for the second year after the transfer of us and the district to the provincial government," he concluded. (Parno)

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