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    Watch out! Polluting Citarum Can Be Corrupted by Corruption Article


    BANDUNG REGENCY - West Java Provincial Government has coordinated with Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) RI related to handling pollution of Citarum River. For them the perpetrators of pollution can be exposed to articles of criminal acts of corruption.

    Acting (Pj.) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan admitted his party has done coordination meeting with KPK Head of Precision and Supervision Unit (Korsupgah) KPK Asep Rahmat Suwanda, related to the application of corruption article. This is certainly expected to be more deterrent effect and more severe legal sanctions.

    For that, Iriawan asked the entrepreneurs who are around the Citarum watershed to apply the Water Treatment Installation (Ipal) well. The reason there are still some factories that throw waste carelessly.

    "We hope that entrepreneurs, especially the factories around Citarum to immediately do the sewage treatment in accordance with the rules that must be obeyed by them," said Iriawan when reviewing the Citarum River or Kilometer 0 Citarum in Situ Cisanti, Tarumajaya Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency, Friday (6/7/18).

    Furthermore, Iriawan revealed that it could be the perpetrators of environmental pollution, including around the Citarum watershed can be subject to articles of corruption.

    "We yesterday coordinated with KPK for Prevention, Pak Asep, to be able to (environmental pollution) included in corruption category, that later KPK domain, yesterday has conveyed there is a sphere to it, so that later there will be deterrent effect," said Iriawan.

    So far, there are 126 factories given warning by the government.

    "There are 126 factories that are being given warning by local government and they (entrepreneurs) are being built," said Bandung Regent Dadang Naser who helped accompany Iriawan while reviewing Situ Cisanti.

    "They must be dealt with firmly, if they are not dealt with firmly, they know it is wrong but they do it continuously, hopefully with education we will continue to change their mindset which has been wrong," said Iriawan.

    Meanwhile, according to Plt. West Java Provincial Office of Environment Nana Nasuha Juhri, before applying the corruption article to the polluters of Citarum must be reviewed in advance of the extent of the violations committed. For that, the waste in the river must be taken samplenya to investigate the level of pollution.

    "It must be observed in advance to what extent the violation, because of course the waste already in the water source should be taken first samplenya like what, then whether it has crossed the limits of the dish or how," said Nana on the sidelines of the review Situ Cisanti accompany Pj. Governor of West Java.

    The Environmental Supervisory Officers (PPLH) under the authority of the Environment Agency also continue to monitor the Citarum watershed. That way, Nana said, when PPLH get pollution report it will be immediately followed up.

    "When there are reports of industrial waste disposal to the water source, then our officers will immediately come down and coordinate with the friends of the district / city," said Nana who is also Head of the Office of PSDA West Java.

    Treating Situ Cisanti

    West Java Acting Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan accompanied by Bandung Regent Dadang Naser and Dansektor I (Situ Cisanti) Colonel Inf. Chess, reviewing the headwaters of Citarum River (Kilometer 0 Citarum) in Situ Cisanti, Tarumajaya Village, Kertasari District, Bandung Regency, Friday (6/7/18).

    Iriawan seemed to admire the coolness and beauty of Situ Cisanti. He also enjoys the water clarity Situ Cisanti using a rubber boat. Here there are seven springs that become the source of Cisanti springs, namely Citarum springs, Cikahuripan, Cikoleberes, Cihaniwung, Cisadane, Cikawudukan, and Cisanti.

    "Surely Cisanti must be maintained, because there is a very rapid growth of algae, significant growth, so should be treated TNI friends," said Iriawan.

    "We hope that with this Citarum Harum activity, what the community hopes, by the government can be realized, of course, time and hard work of various components to realize this (Citarum Harum)," he continued.

    In addition, focus Citarum Harum also related to the reforestation of bare land around Cisanti. Iriawan said there should be a community empowerment program related to land transfers.

    "We see some of the hills are still bare, this should be really aware of the community How will the community be empowered, of course the local government assisted we will follow up turning the land into a land that was planted vegetables coffee, then there are trees up high for water absorption. In fact, the tree will later be pledged to the bank to increase the income of farmers, "said Iriawan.Sebawan. Previously, Iriawan also reviewed the Oxbow area under the blue bridge in Bojong Soang, Bandung regency. According to Iriawan, the exact Oxbow condition between the Cijagra and Cikapundung Rivers is much better. No more piles of garbage on the river that will empty into the Citarum River.

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