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    Acting Sumedang Regent is Requested to Guard Cisumdawu Project


    BANDUNG - Acting Governor of West Java H. Mochamad Iriawan asked the Acting (Pj.) Regent Sumedang Sumarwan Hadisoemarto to escort the Cisumdawu project. The Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan Toll (Cisumdawu) target can operate by 2019.

    It was said by Iriawan after inaugurating Sumarwan Hadi Sumarto as Acting Regent Sumedang in West Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Thursday (5/7/18).

    "I will direct in detail, even though it is (Cisumdawu) national project, I will surely point in detail one acceleration acceleration that I want, that is the achievement of Cisumdawu," said Iriawan in his press statement after the inauguration.

    Iriawan hoped that the toll road project connecting Sumedang with the Cipali Toll is not delayed or minimally targeted. "But at least the target of the month with the year not to delay again, so that soon can be utilized. Most importantly for the connection between Bandung to Sumedang, Cisumdawu with Toll Cipali. That is the most important, "said Iriawan.

    "It (Cisumdawu project) must be guarded, because the social impacts are more controlled local government," he continued.

    For that, Iriawan also requested that the Regent of Sumedang Regent and related officials to conduct intensive communications related to land that can not be released. Related to this, according to Iriawan two-way communication with the community needs to be put forward.

    "Now there is still land that has not been liberated and others. I ask the Bupati and his device, as well as the community component to complete. I am sure the community will also be able to cooperate if the delivery or communication can be two-way, "said Iriawan.

    Met after the inauguration, Pj. Regent Sumedang Sumarwan said that his party will escort the Cisumdawu Toll project to the extent of its authority as the Regional Government of Sumedang Regency. Pemkab Sumedang will coordinate with various parties related problems in the field.

    "As far as the authority of the District Government (Sumedang), I will follow to guard and succeed (development) Cisumdawu. We will coordinate with various parties, yesterday I have also tried to explore the inventory of the problem what, "said Sumarwan who is also the Head of Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) West Java Province.

    In addition, Sumarwan admitted his side has been exploring communication with related parties around land acquisition issues that occurred in the field. "Later we will be as optimal as possible, what authority (government) district, then later we will convey to the provincial government (West Java)," said Sumarwan.

    One of the emerging issues related to land acquisition, said Sumarwan, is the synchronization of land clearing between developers and the community. Up to now the remaining land acquisition is around 20% for Segment I (Cileunyi-Tanjungsari).

    "One of the newly emerging issues is the synchronization of land harvesting. While the executors who are in Segment I near Cileunyi, the developers feel it has been released but the community is still not out (the price of land). Yesterday he said bid until after Lebaran, "said Sumarwan.

    The Inauguration of Pj. Regent Sumedang is based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number: 131.32-1925 Year 2018 on Appointment Acting Regent Sumedang West Java Province. Previously, Sumarwan was also appointed as Plt. Regent Sumedang for approximately four months.

    Appointment of Acting Regent Sumedang is done because Regent Sumedang Time Term of Office 2013-2018 ends on July 5, 2018. As stated in the Minister of Home Affairs Decree No. 131.32-1924 Year 2018 on the Dismissal Regent Sumedang West Java Province.

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