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    West Java-LKPP Signed Regional e-Catalog MoU


    BANDUNG - To prevent acts of irregularities in the procurement of goods and services government, West Java Provincial Government together with Government Procurement Policy Institution (LKPP) RI signed MoU in order to develop e-Catalog or Online Shop local goods and services.

    Acting West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan with Head of LKPP Agus Prabowo signed the MoU directly in the event of Local Catalog Catalog at Trans Luxury Hotel, Gatot Subroto Street No. 289, Bandung, Thursday (5/7/18).

    According to Iriawan, e-Catalog is a breakthrough in the system of procurement of goods and services made by the government. Especially this can prevent the existence of acts such as corruption criminal acts of corruption.

    "The procurement of goods and services now must be clear, and the goods that are marketed must also be superior," said Iriawan in his speech.

    "E-Catalog is also important to avoid deviations, not all (goods and services) included in e-Catalog," he continued.

    Through this e-Catalog, West Java can also promote goods and services produced to other areas.

    "In the hope that all the products in us (West Java) will be included in the existing catalog, so that will be connected, such as West Java superior products can enter the existing catalog, then can be taken (purchased) other provinces. , so it is like a symbiotic mutualism, "said Iriawan.

    In the same place, Head of LKPP Agus Prabowo revealed that e-Catalog is like Online Shop. In the e-Catalog will be shown clearly goods, brands, specifications, until the price of the product being marketed.

    "But the contents of goods needed by the government, either central, regional, or other sectors," said Agus met after the opening of the Regional Catalog Socialization.

    With this MoU, LKPP will later participate in marketing goods and services from West Java. This cooperation has also been done by LKPP together with eight other local governments in Indonesia.

    "So, through this e-Catalog West Java products marketed by LKPP to be purchased by buyers from all over Indonesia, as well as by the West Java government itself," said Agus.

    Agus believes this e-Catalog can reduce corruption in corruption in government procurement system.

    "Is this (e-Catalog) will reduce corruption? Sure, because everything is done transparently.As online shop is, we buy goods will know how much the price, what kind of goods, when goods can be received, when sent, how to pay, "Agus said.

    "So, it automatically reduces the barriers that previously existed in the tender: In the past all had to be tender, buy heavy equipment should be tender, not to mention the brand but now just click away, so automatically reduce the potential for corruption," he added.

    Meanwhile, KPK Head of Prevention and Supervision Unit (Korsupgah) KPK Asep Rahmat Suwanda who also attended the socialization, expressed his hope that West Java can immediately apply e-Catalog of this Region.

    West Java will be an example in the implementation of e-Catalog. Because, Asep said, the previous application system e-Samsat, SKP Online, and licensing from West Java has been successfully replicated by other regions in Indonesia.

    "West Java has contributed a great deal to Indonesia, and for the procurement of goods and services, we are looking forward to it - even though some regions have previously implemented local e-catalogs, I am sure West Java Province will be able to accelerate faster and expand the products given for example of this local catalog and this can also be replicated to other areas, "please Asep in his speech.

    Furthermore, Asep said there are eight areas that are the focus of KPK in the field of prevention. One of them is the procurement of goods and services, in addition to the management of APBD, licensing, revenue, asset management, village fund management, and other strategic sectors.

    "The composition of the capital expenditure of goods and services is 24 percent of the total APBD, on the one hand it is an extraordinary resource to promote people's welfare, but on the other hand we have to be careful," pleaded Asep.

    Asep cited the case of OTT (Operation Capture Hand) in one of the provinces conducted KPK some time ago. It happens, because one of them is still possible ijon practices. Actual deviations can be minimized if there is consensus of all stakeholders consistently in order to combat the practice.

    "A lot of people will be tempted to take an improper advantage from the 24 percent APBD, by all means, because there's a name lure and threat, "Asep said." Therefore, the perpetrators of goods and services stipulated in our laws and regulations, we will be sure to have: first, is a system or a strong commitment to equally maintain the governance ; second, we fix the system; and the third; integrity, "he concluded.

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