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    West Java Police Seized Assets Company Liquor


    BANDUNG - West Java Police Chief Irjen Pol. Agung Budi Maryoto revealed his side seized a number of assets belonging to the suspect had the initials SS, producer of alcoholic oplosan death Cicalengka. In addition to tens of millions of cash, investigators from Ditreskrimsus Polda West Java also secured some of the assets of the land and houses belonging to the alcoholic bosses, including the pursuit of 29 hectares of oil palm plantation in the Palembang area of South Sumatara.

    "The related production of alcoholic drinks since 2010, so it has been 8 years.Obviously from the examination of some money from alcoholic production bought assets, in connection with money laundering, this is to complete the evidence," said Agung told reporters at Yayasan Bhayangkari jl Palasari Bandung, Thursday (5/7/2018).

    Agung said that the sales of alcohol in one month the suspect earned a turnover of up to Rp800 million. In addition, SS has no other work, besides producing alcohol oplosan. Attempt seizure of the asset, to create a deterrent effect for the perpetrators of alcoholic beverages.

    "This is part of our actions to make deterrent effect for alcoholic actors so that we do not repeat the same again, we are deeply concerned that our 69 children die in vain We continue to pursue this problem of alcoholism," he asserted.

    Meanwhile, the Special Criminal Investigation Director of Polda West Java, Kombes Pol. Samudi explained, in addition to land and building assets in the area of ??Cicalengka and Nagreg kab. Bandung, his side will also conduct seizure of oil palm plantation area of ??29 hectares in Palembang.

    "Besides we follow up the case of alcohol abuse, we are also followed by TTPU investigation, we pauper them, so it is almost the same as corruption case, so we take all the wealth from the crime," he concluded. (Even)

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