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    West Java KPU Called the Golput Rate Decreased


    BANDUNG-Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat said, in several big cities that previously experienced a fairly high level of golput is now inversely proportional to Pilgub Jabar 2018, as in the city of Bandung with 78 percent participation, Depok and Kota Bekasi at 70 percent.

    Based on these results, then the Democratic Party of Elections Jabar, could be a golden bridge for the community in improving the fate of his life for the next five years.

    "This success is due to hard work together from all parties, as well as public awareness to participate in the success of this democracy party," he told reporters at the Open Plenary Meeting of recapitulation of vote count results "Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java, and Mayor of Bandung and Deputy Mayor Bandung Year 2018 level Bandung "at Hotel Papandayan, Bandung, Thursday (5/7/2018).

    Yayat hopes that the achievement can be maintained even more enhanced in the next period.

    Meanwhile, the level of public participation in the Election of Governor (Pilgub) in West Java reached 72 percent. The number has increased significantly compared to the previous period.

    "Previously we have not thought to reach more than 70 percent, because usually above 60 percent.So public participation in pilkada this year is quite extraordinary," he said.

    In addition, West Java KPU appreciates several regional head candidates, both at the level of mayor, regent and governor. The reason, they can accept defeat or recognize the victory of one of the chest with a field of chest in quick count (quick count), although the determination of the results of KPU real count has not been done.

    As is known together, the number of community participation in 2009 was 67.31 percent with 27,933,259 DPT. While Pilgub Jabar 2013 and where his DPT reached 32,440,236, but the people who use the right votes only 63.85 percent.

    "This achievement must be maintained and improve in the future so that the title of Pilkada can be a political education for the people of West Java," he concluded. (Even)

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