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    Build Competitive Spirit in The Era of MEA


    BANDUNG-Indonesia trade performance currently occupied the 4th position in the economy growth after Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. This condition is a challenge for Indonesia in the implementation of the Asean Economic Community which has been running since the beginning of 2016 ago.

    Chairman of Indonesian Economists Association (ISAI), West Java, Aldrin Herwani said all parties need to jointly work together to face the regional economic integration, because otherwise Indonesia will become a market merely and not a player.

    "The spirit and awareness of citizens should be encouraged so that Indonesia can compete in this area. So we need to build the spirit of competition," said Aldrin to www.Jabarprov.go.id. 

    According to Aldrin, the others Asean country were already prepared for the MEA, as Thailand and Malaysia, where a campaign of MEA has been done long time ago.

    "I think, the preparation of Indonesia tend to be not as good as other Asean countries, which is evident from the lack of coordination of stakeholders," he said.

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