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    Minister of Bappenas: ITB Must Generate Human Resources to Realize Economic Knowledge Base


    BANDUNG-Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bapenas Bambang Brodjonegoro said that on the 100th anniversary of Indonesia's independence, Indonesia should be part of a group of developed countries.

    "There is still time left to realize us as a part of developed countries, but of course must be ready its human resources," said Bambang on Campus ITB Bandung, Wednesday (4/7).

    According to him, to achieve the progress of Indonesia it is time to change the mindset of the community into a knowledge-based economy.

    "I hope that many ITB will be the front in terms of research, education and community service so that knowledge based economy can be realized," he explained.

    According to him, the current profession of engineers in Indonesia has not been too much. Whereas graduate engineers are currently estimated at 750 thousand people. It's just that few who work as professional engineers, ie only 90 thousand people. The rest work in other fields such as banking and even companies that have nothing to do with the technique.

    "Currently, the need for qualified engineering graduates is very urgent, especially since the MEA will flood Indonesia with certified overseas engineering personnel, so this is the task of ITB." Engineer graduates must be professional in their work, "added Bambang.

    Then educational institutions should also be able to produce research and innovation that can be useful directly to the community. How to cooperate between the world of education with industry players. The Minister also encouraged ITB to continue giving birth to new entrepreneurs.

    "ITB is currently the most recorded entrepreneur, the most famous is bukalapak.com and agate games," he said. Jo

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