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    Minister of Research and Technology: There is Improvement of International Publication from Campus in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-International publications become one indicator of the quality of success of higher education in the world. For that Kemenristekdikti keep trying to encourage lecturers in universities to make international publications.

    Minister of Research and Technology Mohamad Nasir said, in 2015 the number of publications on campus is still very small, namely 5400 international publications. At that time Malaysia alone has reached 28 thousand. Whereas the number of universities today as many as 4579 fruits either private or the country, the number of lecturers also reached 260 thousand more.

    At the end of 2017, the number of international publications continues to increase. Where recorded reached 18,500 publications. Until June 2018, Malaysia has reached 12,500 while Indonesia has reached 12,500 publications. So Menristekdikti optimistic the number of publications will be better.

    Kemenristekdikti also continue to increase the number of school participation to the level of universities in Indonesia. He mentioned my participation rate is only 31.5 percent of the total population.

    He compared with neighboring countries like Malaysia which has reached 38 percent, Singapore by 82 percent and even South Korea has reached 95 percent, which means that almost all residents of higher education.

    "In the future who want to enter college does not need to go to Java, campuses like ITB have to go to distant classes, or digital learning, so that the most distant residents can remain in the best campus campus without the need to come to the place or campus open a new campus scattered in some areas, "he said, in ITB, Wednesday (4/7).

    As is known ITB also has opened campus area in the area of ??Jatinangor Sumedang and Cirebon campus. Unpad has also opened campus far, one of them in Pangandaran.Jo

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