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    Two Universities Did Citarum River Revitalization


    BANDUNG REGENCY - UGM students (Gadjah Mada University) Yogyakarta and UPI Bandung with Citarum Task Force perform internship (KKN) on the banks of the Citarum River.

    Coordinator PPM internship Unit Dayeuhkolot Ragil said this activity is held for 45 days, and every 45 days next KKN participants will be replaced with new students.

    Activities that have been running a few days ago include 14 Faculties from UGM consisting of Faculty of Medicine, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics, Social, Chemistry, Agriculture, Nuclear Physics, and some other Faculties.

    "KKN activities in this region which is prioritized Citarum River Revitalization movement, the activities we have done is socialization and counseling to the community about cleanliness and handling of waste," he explained to reporters at Dayeuhkolot Village Hall, Dayeuhkolot District, Bandung Regency, Tuesday (3/7) / 2018).

    Other activities that have been done are health examination, blood test, HIV, IPA testimony / cervical cancer and tumor to mother, and examination of pregnant mother.

    Dansektor 7 Cumal Citarum Task Force Colonel Kav Purwadi hoped that KKN students from UGM and UPI will be able to run their activities well.

    "The more that go and do to support the Citarum Harum program, the faster the river can be immediately used as a source of life for the community, otherwise it will ease the task of the task force," he explained.

    Meanwhile, in a separate place, Dansektor 6 Colonel Inf Yudi Zanibar, S.I.P and Dansektor 8 Citarum Harum Colonel CZI Aby Ismawan received UPI student visit to implement KKN in Citarum area. The activities are not much different from the other students with the addition of carrying out cleaning in the Citarum watershed (DAS) in their respective sectors where they are located.

    This KKN activity in Citarum area is a manifestation of the agreement result at the Pangdam III / Siliwangi meeting with the Rector and students as well as the environmental activist which was implemented several months ago to make Citarum as a place of KKN and also to apply the knowledge obtained directly in the field. (jo)

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