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    150 TNI Multi Matra Medium Officers Prepared to Be Leaders


    BANDUNG-Acting (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan present accompanying Minister of Home Affairs of Indonesia Tjahjo Kumolo on the occasion OF Pasis Dikreg XLV Sesko TNI, in Sesko TNI Martanegara Street Bandung, Wednesday (04/07/2018).

    This activity was attended by 150 Indonesian Armed Forces (Pamen) officers, consisting of 59 Pamen TNI AD, 42 Pamen TNI AL, and 38 Pamen TNI AU, where there are 3 Pamen Wanita TNI each 1 of each dimra, and 6 people of Police Pamen .

    In addition, this event was also attended by 5 members of the Friends of the State Students Friends of representatives from Australia, India, Madagascar, Malaysia, and Singapore.

    Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo hopes that Sesko TNI as the highest public education and development facility within the TNI can produce candidates for leaders at a strategic level.

    In his direction, Tjahjo illustrates that the threat faced by the nation today is increasingly multidimensional. The radicalism becomes a scourge in development other than drugs, corruption, and social imbalance.

    "In detecting the movement of terrorism is not easy, even the class of US intelligence troops are still difficult to digest the movement of terrorists," said Tjahjo.

    For that, he said, the role of society needs to be upheld starting from the smallest environment, for example by reviving the environmental security system (siskamling), tightening the control of resident residents in settlement, Satpol PP optimization and regular coordination with the police.

    "In essence, be a good person who is not silent," he said.

    Meanwhile, the problem of drugs, currently penetrated into various age groups, professions, and gender. So it's a big task to protect the next generation from that danger.

    In addition, related to corruption and social inequality, Tjahjo called the two interrelated. He also reminded the budget planners to be more careful with areas prone to corruption, such as grant affairs, levies, social assistance and goods-service mechanisms.

    "Therefore, through education Sesko TNI multimatra character, it is expected to be developed concepts of combined operations that put forward the capability in the pattern of Tri Matra Integrated operations," he said.

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