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    Regional Secretary: PPIH Becomes Key to Hajj Success 2018


    BANDUNG - Hajj Pilgrimage Organizing Committee (PPIH) Jakarta-Bekasi Embarkation is required to serve the pilgrims professionally and reliably.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa said in 2018, West Java get the largest hajj quota in Indonesia which reached 38,852 people from the total national quota which reached 221.000 more.

    "For that, a reliable and professional committee in serving the pilgrims in the field is an absolute thing," he said in the inauguration of PPIH Embarkation Jakarta-Bekasi at Bekasi Haji Dormitory, Bekasi, Tuesday (3/7/18).

    According to him, the committee needs to anticipate various problems that occur in the field, especially the availability of lodging, food and transportation, and health services.

    "Organizing Committee of Hajj (PPIH) as the front guard who is directly observed with the congregation, therefore we always continue to evaluate the evaluation on various occasions, especially during the training of officers who accompanied the pilgrims," ??he said.

    It also advised that PPIH always be wise, wise, and professional and pay more attention to aspects of worship that must take precedence in providing services to pilgrims.

    "They are the elected officials who have conducted a series of tests and training," he said.

    The provincial government, according to Iwa, requested that the PPIH be able to perform its duties as well as possible so that this year's pilgrimage activities can run better than the previous year.

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