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    Acting Governor Reviewed Implementation of PPDB


    BANDUNG - Acting (Pj) Governor of West Java Province, Mochammad Iriawan conducted a direct review of the implementation of New Student Acceptance (PPDB) in 2018 at SMA Negeri 5 Bandung, Belitung Street.

    Accompanied by the Head of West Java Provincial Education Office, Ahmad Ruki, Acting Governor immediately saw the PPDB service at the favorite school and talked with a number of service officers, to know the process and constraints faced in PPDB.

    In addition to reviewing the implementation of PPDB, Acting Governor also saw a number of rooms, including one of the rooms that was the place when he was in high school at SMAN 5.

    In the room, he immediately sat in the second row, where he sat at school and told the media crew during his education.

    In addition to viewing the process of implementing the PPDB, during the high school 5, Acting Governor also saw the history of the establishment of the school building is a protected heritage buildings and see a number of corners of the school room.

    Based on the data, as many as 121 thousand prospective students are declared accepted in PPDB SMA and SMK Negeri on the National Examination Result (NHUN) in 2018 which results of the selection was announced on Saturday (30/06).

    The first stage of PPDB is divided into four lines, namely the Unable Economic Family (KETM) path, Maslahat Master (PMG) & Children with Special Needs (ABK) path, the Local Residents (WPS) path, the Achievement line or the so-called Non NHUN . (Parno)

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