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    Simplify Licensing in Facing the MEA


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan gave appreciation to the ESAI Indonesian Economists Association of West Java and BJB, which has provided insight and understanding to the public about the Asean Economic Community (MEA) through this Fun Walk event.

    According to the Governor, in facing the MEA, it provided convenience to businesses ranging from KUMKM up to medium and large scale businesses if they want to open their business.

    "We look forward on our efforts which became easier, including in the centre where the licensing process that previous was in one year now become just in three hours," he said.

    The governor said in West Java, it also provided ease of licensing for all the needs required by businesses.

    "We facilitate all licensing, and ease of all businesses including banks to be prepared in the interest rates for KUMKM which have been lowered by the central government," he said.

    The governor also stated in facing the MEA, West Java provincial government also continued to perform the certification for workers as well as improving the quality of KUMKM.

    "The certification of workers continue to be undertaken in improving the quality of KUMKM," said the governor to www.Jabarprov.go.id. 

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