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    Acting Governor Makes Sure PPDB SMA / SMK Without Fraud


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government ensures the registration process PPDB high school / vocational school in West Java going smoothly and without cheating.

    Acting (Pj) Governor of West Java M Iriawan said it continues to supervise the PPDB process. "All systems are running, God willing there will be no cheating," he said after reviewing the PPDB in SMA 5 Bandung, Tuesday (3/7/2018).

    According to him, the application of Information Technology (IT) system can reduce the frequency of meetings between prospective learners with the school. In this way it is expected to buy and sell seats students will be able to avoid.

    He considered the admission of new students to be clean without fraud in order to get learners in accordance with shared expectations.

    "There are already systems and supervisors, registration and announcements are done online, we do not want incoming human resources that do not fit the potential," he said.

    Iriawan said that he will act decisively if he finds fraud in PPDB SMA / SMK by irresponsible person.

    The provision of sanctions is done as a form of giving deterrent effect to the perpetrator while providing understanding to the public.

    It also appealed to parents of prospective students not to be easily seduced from the unscrupulous person who promised a school entry seats.

    "If there is a deviation we will act firmly, parents should not be tempted to promise false, trusting the process of acceptance to the state," he concluded. (Even)

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