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    West Java Revenue 2017 Reached Rp. 32.16 Trillion


    BANDUNG - Realization of regional revenue of West Java Provincial Government until December 31, 2017 touched the number Rp. 32.16 Trillion. This increases from the set target of Rp. 31.37 trillion or reaching 102.53%.

    Acting Governor of West Java H. Mochamad Iriawan conveyed it in a plenary session of the West Java Parliament about responsibility for the implementation of the Budget Expenditure in 2017, at the office of West Java Parliament, Tuesday (03/07/2018).

    In front of all members of the council, Iriawan explained revenue derived from Local Own Revenue (PAD) which realization reached Rp. 18.08 Trillion more or 105.61% of the budget set at Rp. 17.72 trillion.

    "This PAD is sourced from local taxes, regional levies, the result of separated regional wealth management and other legitimate Regional Revenue, all the average achievements increase from what we set," he explained.

    In this first board meeting, Pj Governor Iriawan also revealed another source of regional revenue in 2017, namely from the balance fund which realization reached Rp. 13.98 Trillion. The funds are derived from tax-sharing, non-tax revenue-sharing, general allocation funds (DAU) and special allocation funds (DAK). Then the regional income sourced from Other legitimate regional income of Rp. 101.38 Billion.

    Iriawan also reported the accountability of regional spending in 2017, where the realization reached Rp. 32.79 Trillion or 95.07% of the budget allocation of Rp. 34.49 Trillion. He said the responsibility for the implementation of West Java Regional Budget is one of the constitutional obligations as regional head and accountability of local government to the community through the Parliament.

    "This financial report has been audited by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) RI," he said.

    From the results of the BPK-RI audit which has been submitted at a special plenary session on the submission of LHP on the local government's financial report dated May 28, 2018, West Java Provincial Government can again maintain unqualified opinion of WTP for the seventh consecutive.

    "The success of unqualified opinion seven times in a row should we be grateful because it is an indicator that our financial management has been done more transparently and accountably," said Iriawan.

    The financial statements in the parliament plenary session are presented in a complete, detailed, accountable and transparent manner. Iriawan asked for a strong commitment from the West Java Provincial Government, West Java Parliament and all components of society to continue to present the budget that is more aligned with the progress of development and community welfare.

    "Hopefully provide great benefits for the community and realize West Java as the most advanced province in Indonesia," he concluded.

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