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    Motekar Entered 99 Best Innovation in Indonesia


    BANDUNG REGENCY- Family Resilience Motivator Program (MOTEKAR) by the Department of Women Empowerment Child Protection and Family Planning (DP2AKB, formerly BP3AKB) entered TOP 99 best innovation in Indonesia at Public Service Innovation Competition held by Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (Kemenpan RB) RI.

    In the future, MOTEKAR will be presented in front of a jury from various countries, to be selected into the best 40 in Indonesia and become one of the international innovations.

    The achievement was conveyed by the Chairman of DP3AKB West Java Province Poppy Sophia Bakur in the event of Technical Guidance of MOTEKAR Force 3rd Generation Year 2018, held at Sari Ater Hotel and Resort, Subang Regency, Monday (02/07/18) evening.

    Poppy reported that he had coordinated with Deputy from Kemenpan RB and specifically requested West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa to be a speaker who presented MOTEKAR program.

    "MOTEKAR program became the only one from West Java that entered into TOP 99," added Poppy in his speech.

    "Yesterday we discussed with the Deputy from Kemenpan RB, that from 99 has been entered at the national level, and will be asked specially Mr Secretary who must explain the strategic program of innovation of innovation of West Java public service," he explained.

    Met after the event, West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa stated ready to become representative of West Java in representing this MOTEKAR program.

    According to him, measures to improve the quality of MOTEKAR cadres continue to be encouraged, one of them through training and technical guidance as it is currently being held. In addition, Iwa said, it is also necessary to evaluate the performance by checking and comparing the number of cases that occur, so it can be a performance report.

    "Insyaallah I myself will give an expose in front of the jury, so this innovation becomes an input for us, and become one of the innovations that go to the international," said Iwa.

    "Of course one of our preparations is the step that we have done, that is training. Furthermore, it will also check how the results, decreased or not from previously people who have social problems, such as human trafficking and domestic violence (domestic violence). Later the data will be delivered, "he continued.

    The MOTEKAR program is an implementation of the mandate of Regional Regulation No. 9 of 2014 on the Implementation of Family Resilience Development, initiated by BP3AKB (before it became DP3AKB) in 2015. The duties of the Motekar include providing explanations, understanding and counseling to the community related to family planning programs, health, education and efforts to improve family welfare. In addition, the Motekar will also collect data by name by address of population data in each village accurately.

    Overall, West Java has 666 MOTEKAR personnel spread over 27 districts / cities. In the technical guidance and training of MOTEKAR this 3rd generation of MOTEKAR personnel who participated were 131 people from Bekasi, Purwakarta, Karawang and Subang regencies. The training is held for 3 days until Wednesday (04/07) future.

    The material to be submitted is about advocacy in the economic field by the Office of Cooperative Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (KUMKM) Subang district, advocacy in education by the District Education Office Subang, exposure about technical solutions material reporting system of the motekar, and stabilization of resistance diagnosis family.

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