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    Iriawan Makes Sure No Fraud In The PPDB Process


    BANDUNG - Acting Governor of West Java H. Mochamad Iriawan ensured Acceptance of New Students (PPDB) State High School & Vocational School in academic year 2018-2019 is for the region of West Java there is no cheating and running smoothly.

    Based on reports and results of his review to a number of schools, there were no violations such as the practice of buying and selling chairs and brokering that had been feared.

    "Clearly all the system and the rules are running smoothly so that what is conveyed by some parties about our cheating make sure there is no, because the supervision is so tight for the deviation is difficult," said Iriawan after reviewing PPDB in SMUN 5 Bandung, Tuesday (03 / 07/2018).

    Iriawan also asked the community, especially parents of students to trust fully to the committee in the process of acceptance of PPDB. Do not be tempted if there are offers that can help pass because it certainly is a person.

    "To the parents of this recruitment problem, leave it up and trust us and do not be tempted by the promises of those who can help to get away, do not believe it is a person," he said.

    It also did not hesitate to crack down if proven there is a violation.

    "Surely we will take action steps if proven to exist but until now we have not found," he said again.

    So far in West Java, as many as 121,000 candidates have passed the selection in PPDB SMU and SMU Negeri on the National Examination Results (NHUN). Total applicants on this line numbered 187,859 SMU registrants and 75,086 SMK registries.

    Divided into four lines on the first stage of PPDB, the economic family path is not able, the path of teacher maslahat awards, the path of children with special needs, the path of local residents and achievement path or non-NHUN.

    "Insyaallah fair, we do the maximum so I muter to various schools.So Alhamdulillah smoothly because we want to get good results in the eyes of society," said Iriawan.

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