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    Ministry of Education and Culture Encourages the Development of Media Art


    BANDUNG-Government through the Directorate of Arts Subdit Art Media encourages the development of media arts in the country.

    This is done because the younger generation or better known as the millennial generation every time always associated with technology, especially almost never apart from the smartphone. Therefore, Ministry of Education and Culture appealed that artists can utilize technology in producing artwork.

    This was revealed by the Director of Arts Ministry of Education and Culture RI, Restu Gunawan after opening the Media Art Exhibition at Thee Huis Gallery, Taman Budaya, Bandung, Monday night (2/7/2018).

    The government also paid special attention to the development of media arts, especially in the utilization of technology. Because the changing times demanded the artists to further enhance their creativity.

    "That's what the artists are hoping to take advantage of today's technology," he said.

    In addition, by utilizing technology as a vehicle for art, Restu said, the art of media can counteract the negative news that has been spread in social media (Medsos).

    He considered media art, both in the form of film and animation, is one part of education. For that, the use of technology in the art should be a common concern.

    "I think how artists respond to technology in creativity," he said.

    Special media art, Ministry of Education and Culture has planned the holding of media art festival both national and international level. For example, it would be an international festival in Jakarta involving world-class artists. While for the national level will be held a media art week in Palu in August 2018. Selection of the location because the interest of millenial generation will be very high media art.

    "We have already mapped this media art festival that will be held in Bandung, Palu and Riau," he said.

    The government also encourages media artists to hold their artwork abroad.

    "Their work is an idealistic proof, so it is rarely to be capitalized in the industrial world, but the government will continue to support the growth of this media art," he concluded. (Even)

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