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    Karawang Regent in Coordination Development Program


    BANDUNG-Karawang Regent, dr. Cellica Nurrachadiana came to Gedung Sate, at Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung, Friday (26/2) afternoon, which was received by the Secretary of West Java, H. Iwa Karniwa.

    Karawang Regent came to Gedung Sate together with the leaders of regional organisations (OPD) in the Karawang regency government. Among of them were Head of Bappeda Eka Samantha, Head of Highways Acep Jamhuri, Head of Culture and Tourism Okih Hermawan and Head of Department of Education, Youth and Sports Dadan Sukardan.

    "Our purpose to Gedung Sate is to meet Secretary of West Java and his staff to coordinate and synergise in associated development programs to be implemented in Karawang regency. Currently, we are preparing RPJMD 2016-2021 which must be synchronised with the West Java Government programs," said Cellica.

    In addition to coordinate the development programs was also being prepared the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2016-2021 of Karawang regency. Cellica also coordinated the national development projects in Karawang regency including infrastructure development projects (construction of outer ring road and the inner ring and the streets belong to the West Java Provincial Government).

    Cellica explained that one mission carried in the build of Karawang regency was to increase tourism and culture. Related to that, she said it begs the direction and help to increase tourism and culture with a pilot project that became the pride of Karawang community.

    "We invoke the Provincial Government that the desire of society in Karawang regency can be poured in RPJMD, which can be realised in the next five years. Because it is a moral responsibility I was elected as the Karawang Regent in 2016-2021," she said.

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