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    Governor Candidate Program is Selected to Enter West Java Local Budget


    BANDUNG - The vision of the Governor-Vice Governor's mission of the 2018 election results will be discussed in the 2018 Change of Budget Expenditure and Budget Expenditure 2019.

    West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said before the transition team came in, it has gathered the vision of mission and campaign promise through a special team formed by Bappeda.

    This effort according to Iwa is a proactive step considering the process of budget preparation should not be hampered by the agenda of Election. When the vote recapitulation West Java Governor Election July 9 came to an end, it also has the program materials from the candidates.

    "Indirectly we will already accommodate the promises of election campaign winners to be in line. Later Regional Expenditure will be in line with the interests of the center, the winner of Regional Head Election and Musrenbang discussion result, "he explained.

    The inclusion of the elected candidate program in Budget Expenditure 2018 is very feasible given that when it was passed in September-October 2018, the budget compiled in the period of Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar was over.

    "We do not want any problems going forward, so the direction of our budget policy should go hand in hand with the elected candidates," he said.

    His party through West Java Bappeda has documented all candidate campaign promises ago by Bappeda and BPKAD into the general planning.

    "This team has been working so at least the description of the selected governor candidates program can be reflected in the discussion," he said.

    The results of this monitoring will be continued by entering into the draft of Regional Regulation of Budget Expenditure Changes and Budget Expenditure 2019. It also opens the door to the elected candidates to conduct a transition dialogue.

    "The discussion can be represented by the party, but the material from Bappeda also exist. Everything is adjusted to the budget conditions, as well as the central and local government plans, so synchronized, "he said.

    Chairman of West Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi said the elected transitional governor team is very possible to coordinate and dialogue with the West Java provincial government related to the discussion of the program to be included in the budget.

    "If coordination is possible, but the authority of the formulation of Budget Expenditure 2019 and 2019 Budget Revision is currently in the hands of acting governor," he said.

    According to him the discussion of the Budget Expenditure can not be completely brief considering the many rules that must be taken at the same time schedule that has been agreed between the Provincial Government and Parliament.

    Ineu appoints Budget Regional of 2018 Amendment which according to Home Affairs Regulation has to be determined next August while General Policy of Budget 2019 must have been completed in July 2018.

    "(Budget Regional) Changes must run in August. Currently there is still acting governor, later schedule coordinated with acting governor. So [transition team] in this budget discussion is already running, but we wait for the central rules, "he said.

    Ineu admitted that the elected governor's programs should have started to be included considering the regional mid-term development plan (RPJMD) West Java 2018-2023 based on the vision and mission of the elected candidates.

    "But this is the rule, the discussion can not be arbitrary, but team dialogue is possible," he said. (Even)

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