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    Difficult to Wake Up at Dawn, Little Iriawan is Beaten with "Hoe"


    On several occasions, Acting West Java Governor H. Mochammad Iriawan often shared his life experiences with the community during his working visit. 56-year-old man who is often called Iwan Bule, since childhood living at home and harsh environment and obedient worship.

    At the age of 4 months the first son of the couple (Alm) Mochammad Saleh and Laila Solihaty is already living in the city of Bandung precisely in Siliwangi Street. Iriawan told, when he was neglected to perform dawn prayers, his father often hit him with a hoe or rattan.

    "If it is difficult to build for dawn prayer I like to be hit with my father wear hoe," said the man of Sukabumi and Kuningan descent.

    Iriawan's father who is also a policeman indeed taught him to live discipline especially in performing the five daily prayers. Even then he was also often watered if not also do prayer. Water spray in the dawn that made it quite cold and cold air of Bandung in the 1970's.

    "Once also doused the water, it was so cold on the Siliwangi road. If I'm not go to the mosque when maghrib was beaten too, so our life time was quite tight and disciplined," Iriawan story.

    Many valuable lessons are taken by him of the importance of performing his duties as a Muslim. In between his busy life leading the wheels of government in West Java, Iriawan always reminds staff and bodyguards to pray together in congregation.

    The figure of a father said the man who attended school at SMPN 2 Bandung and SMUN 5 Bandung is always memorized. Not forgetting He also took time to pray for his father who was buried in Sirnaraga Cemetery Pajajaran road just before starting solid activity.

    Now, Iriawan is focusing on the duty mandated by the state to him. He asserted, during the lead West Java approximately 3 months ahead will escort the success of the implementation of elections to the end. In addition to effective governance of West Java after the end of the term of Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Iriawan is also busy preparing venues for the 2018 Asian Games Games located in West Java and preparing the inauguration for the definitive Governor.

    "Yes, that's my main duty mandated by the state, I will continue the program from the previous Governor, Kang Aher, as well as guard and accelerate national strategic projects such as Patimban port, Kertajati Airport, Bocimi toll, Cisumdawu and other infrastructure projects," explained Iriawan.

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