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    Hadadi: All Children in West Java Must Get School


    BANDUNG - Head of West Java Provincial Education Office Ahmad Hadadi expressed his gratitude for the participation of new parents / prospective learners in New Student Acceptance (PPDB) of State Highschool (SMA) and Vocational School (SMK) on the National Examination Result (NHUN) in 2018 .

    "I hope every track in this year's PPDB can represent candidates to enroll in schools," he said.

    According to Hadadi, existing PPDB lines are the facilities that can be accessed at the first PPDB stage, after this there is the next stage of the NHD path PPDB so hopefully all children in West Java can go to school.

    "We hope that with this system no students will be harmed," Hadadi said, through a release received on Saturday (30/06)

    Hadadi explained that at this year's PPDB, there were several lines that exceeded the registrant's kouta and those that lacked the number of applicants. For excess registries on a particular path is not a problem, because it can be delegated to other channels that have a shortage of applicants at the school concerned in accordance with the 2018 PPDB Guidance.

    "If there is an understanding, the limit of 300 meters for the rest of the WPS line is closed registration, that is not true. We have no close term closing a path. That's where there is flexibility to transfer from one path to another along the way in one school, "he explained. (Parno)

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