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    H-50, Asian Games 2018 Venues in West Java are Ready


    JAKARTA - Acting (Pj) West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan said, ahead of the peak of the international sporting competition ASIAN GAMES 2018 which will last 50 days again, a number of sports venues in West Java is ready for use.

    As it is known, West Java Province became the second largest venue after Jakarta in the implementation of ASIAN GAMES 2018. As for a number of sports (sports) that will be competed including Football, Kano Slalom, Paragliding, Road Bicycle Racing, and Mountain Bike Cycling.

    "Overall we are ready to conduct ASIAN GAMES 2018," said Iriawan, after the Asian Games Preparing Meeting with Vice President Jusuf Kalla, at the Office of Inasgoc Secretariat, Senayan, Jakarta, Friday (29/06/2018).

    For the process, Iriawan, or familiarly called Iwan explained, the preparation progress in the venue of West Java, such as at Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium, Bandung Regency, the readiness of infrastructure has reached 75 percent.

    "For the grass in Si Jalak Harupat has 60 percent, because planting grass in the stadium is indeed a bit difficult, need special techniques," he said.

    Likewise the Pakansari stadium of Bogor Regency, which is ready infrastructure 75 percent, and grass ready 90 percent. The Patriot Stadium of Bekasi city, its infrastructure improvement has also reached 75 percent, with grass readiness 90 percent.

    "Similarly, Wibawamukti Stadium of Bekasi Regency with 75 percent of total infrastructure, with grass planting is 90 percent," explained Iwan.

    Meanwhile, in Subang Regency, Road Bicycle Racing venues will pass the Dolog-Purwakarta-Karawang-Jalan Cagak route, the preparation has reached 75 percent.

    "Here we need traffic engineering, the road will be closed along 145 km for 3 hours, there will be water barrier, also traffic cone," he explained.

    Meanwhile, for Paragliding cultivation, Iwan mentioned the event will be held at Gunung Mas Puncak in Bogor Regency and the infrastructure is 80 percent.

    In addition, Kano Slalom sports, will be held at Bendung Range Majalengka with 80 percent of infrastructure readiness.

    Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla (JK) said, overall everything related to the implementation of ASIAN GAMES 2018 is ready.

    "Venue is all ready, which is not yet the latest by next month, we are sure all the venues are ready," said JK. "The organizing of the Inasgoc report is all ready," he said.

    According to JK, what is needed as a certainty of venue readiness is simulation or trial, so in August next sporting event is ripe to be held.

    Currently, JK says, the talents are preparing for the opening and closing ceremonies of ASIAN GAMES 2018. Similarly, athletes who continue to practice prepare for the best.

    Meanwhile, based on reports he received, currently has enrolled as many as 45 countries in Asia to become participants of this Asian Games. ASIAN GAMES 2018 is planned to be followed by 21 thousand athletes and official.

    "It turns out the enthusiasm of participating countries is much higher than what we originally planned," said JK.

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