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    Simultaneous Election in West Java is Running Smoothly


    BANDUNG-Simultaneous Elections of 16 regents / mayors and Governor of West Java took place smoothly, safely, and peacefully. Even if there is a technical problem in the field, it can be addressed immediately thanks to good cooperation of the related parties.

    This was revealed in the video conference Acting Governor with the Regents / Mayors of West Java in West Java Election Desk Room, Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday afternoon (27/6).

    According to Acting West Java Governor, H. Mochamad Iriawan, the atmosphere of West Java can not be separated from the climate of togetherness Government, KPU, Bawaslu, Police, TNI, and society in general. "Even I have to nyangcang (binding) Chairman of the Commission and Bawaslu, in order to facilitate the handling of problems in the field," he explained.

    Iriawan also felt proud of the voter turnout until around 12.00 to about 72%. "This achievement is the hard work of the stakeholders involved in organizing the election," he said.

    He also appreciated the socialization activities for voters to exercise their right to vote. "In it is the role of mass media," he said.

    The role of mass media is also considered important by the Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat. "Hatur nuhun (thanks) to reporters," he said.

    Related to the release of quick count data, Yayat asked the community to follow the rules of KPU. "However, the quick count can meet the thirst of information, but official data will be announced next July 7 KPU," he concluded.

    Before doing video conference, Acting Governor and Chairman of West Java KPU and several other officials reviewed a number of polling stations such as Kebonwaru Prison and West Java ICMI Regional Coordination. (Even)

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