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    Iriawan Appealed Public to Await for Official Count Results of General Election Commission


    BANDUNG-Acting Governor of West Java H. Mochamad Iriawan appealed to the public to await the official result of vote counting from the General Election Commission (KPU). This is to keep conducive situation post-voting.

    Although the results of transient vote count can be known from several institutions through quick count, but Iriawan asks the public to be patient waiting for the official result of KPU on July 9, 2018.

    "Let's wait for the official count results from the government. If the quick count has a different system, if only to see it please but later the KPU will announce the official counting result on July 9, 2018. The public must be patient waiting for the official results," said Iriawan after reviewing the vote at TPS 22 Rutan Kebon Waru Bandung, Wednesday (27/06/2018).

    In addition Iriawan also hope to pair candidates of election participants both on the election of Governors, Regents and Mayors to respect the process of the official count and not mutually claim the winner.

    "We also appeal to the pair candidates to respect first the official counting process, it may feel superior but wait for the results of the KPU, we hope to restrain myself," he said.

    In TPS 22 Rutan Kebon Waru, Iriawan accompanied by the chairman of West Java KPU arrived at 12:10 Wib directly review the voting process and ensure all residents of Rutan channeling the right to vote. Iriawan said all the people of West Java are entitled to get political rights. Because according to him, one of the parameters of electoral success is the high number of people's participation in channeling the vote.

    "One of the parameters of the success of electoral delegation is the channeling of the political rights of the community, which means that although all of them are channeled in the Rutan, the fewer that will not be channeled will be more successful," he said.

    In Kebon Waru Rutan is listed as many as 1937 voters are divided into 3 TPS. Of this number there are 17 people who do not distribute the right to vote, among them because 13 people recorded not citizens of West Java and 4 people are foreign citizens.

    "Thank God for the election organizers here, so that everything in our territory can channel its rights," he said.

    Iriawan revealed, from the observation there are few problems ahead of this vote. Namely in the District of Cirebon precisely in the Plumbon area there are 2642 ballots lost. But on the day of the ballot, the lost ballot was filled with replaced new ballots.

    "The missing ballot has been done for us to understand why it is clear that the KPU assisted by Bawaslu has fulfilled the missing letter, I am watching it and Alhamdulillah can be done well today," said Iriawan.

    In addition to Cirebon Regency, there were 29 pieces of ballots damaged due to wet in West Bandung regency. After going through the drying process, the wet ballot can be re-used during voting.

    In terms of security, Iriawan ensures until now the voting process throughout West Java generally run smoothly and conducive.

    "My security situation keeps on communicating with security that is servicing Kamtibmas, Alhamdulillah the situation is conducive, we expect from start voting and recapitulation of all sounds smoothly," he said.

    After reviewing the polling stations, Iriawan also directly communicate with all desk West Java Election through video conference at Gedung Sate. Iriawan can monitor the progress of voting situation all over West Java.

    "I monitor the development of election desks in West Java, ranging from voting, security and problems from them. All of the problems do not run smoothly," he concluded.

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