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    West Java's Voter Participation Rate is Increased


    BANDUNG-The figures of West Java community participation in elections in 2018 as well as both the election of Governors, Regents and Mayors, recorded temporarily increased to 72 percent. Figures obtained from West Java KPU increased significantly from the previous election which touches 63 percent.

    In response, Acting Governor of West Java claimed to be grateful and to thank the public awareness of West Java has voiced his political rights.

    "Alhamdulillah this time the community participation increased, was according to the recapture of West Java KPU more than 72 percent of the number of participation, it is temporary yes because it still has not counted all," said Iriawan in the West Java Election office, Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (27/06/2018 ).

    Nevertheless, Iriawan said the figure has not met the government's target of 77 percent.

    "Our target is 77 percent, which clearly increased from the previous election that is 63 percent, it is significant increase," he said.

    According to him, the increase is due to incessant socialization by local government and KPU and public awareness.

    "We continue to remind the people to go to the TPS, thank God the media is very positive, because one of the parameters of electoral success is the increasing of voter participation," said Iriawan.

    From 27 regencies and cities in West Java, West Java became the highest voter participation rate reaching 82 percent. The people of West Java this year followed the elections simultaneously for 16 districts, cities and 1 province.

    "The highest number of Banjar, 82 percent participant rate, it is extraordinary because the population is also not too much," he said.

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