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    West Java is Important in Elections 2018


    BANDUNG - The people of West Java (Jabar) are very many including those eligible to vote in the elections or recorded in the Permanent Voter List, making this area is very important in the success of elections.

    "The success of election if the participation is high, we aim for at least 70 percent participate in the elections. West Java should also be so," said Expert Staff of the Ministry of Home Affairs S. Diantoro in his video conference with West Java Governor Daily Implementer M Iriawan in West Java Election Desk, Wednesday / 6).

    This long-distance conversation was also conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs with Central Java and East Java which also held elections simultaneously.

    In general, Iriawan said Election in West Java run smoothly and safely. Even the election conducted in Kebon Waru Prison also run smoothly.

    "It means if in prison alone can carry out elections safely, then all areas of West Java must be safe and smooth," he said.

    However, he acknowledged there were some obstacles shortly before the election. Among others, the loss of ballots in Plumbon, Cirebon regency. For the incident, Iriawan said directly coordinate with KPU and Bawaslu so that deficiencies can be overcome well.

    Then there is a ballot of rain in West Bandung as much as 150 pieces. But the ballot paper can be fixed and dried so that no problem.

    "In general, the report now has 70 percent participation, preferably, because the elections of the previous five years only 63 percent," he said. Jo

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