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    Foreign Delegation Participated in Monitoring the Run of West Java Elections


    BANDUNG-A total of seven delegations from several foreign countries participated in monitoring the run of West Java elections 2018. It was conveyed by the Regional Secretary of Bogor Ade Hidayat during a dialogue via video conference with West Java Governor Daily Implementer M Iriawan in the West Java Election Desk Wednesday (27/6).

    According to Ade, foreign delegations participated in witnessing the election process, ranging from registration to voting at the polling stations. They are from America, the Philippines, Nepal, Laos and South Korea.

    According to him, the election process in West Java runs smoothly and safely so that the delegates appreciate the democracy party that today occurred simultaneously in Jabar and other districts of the city.

    "Until 12 o'clock the participation rate has reached 67 percent," he explained.

    Meanwhile West Java Governor Daily Implementer M Iriawan said the arrival of foreign delegations is interesting and show if the party democracy in Indonesia to be interesting research material.

    "Gratitude, running well and smoothly, and participation is also high," he explained.

    In video conference, a number of districts reported up to 12 noon the participation rate was above 60 percent, so it is likely that the level of participation is in line with the government's target. The government itself targets participation to reach above 70 percent. Jo

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