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    Acting Governor: Succeed West Java Election!


    BANDUNG-Acting (Pj) West Java Governor Mochamad Iriawan with Commander III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Harto Employee, S.H, M.Tr (Han) and West Java Police Chief Irjen Pol Drs. Agung Budi Maryoto, M.Si. held a video conference (vicon) related to the implementation of Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) in West Java region.

    Acting Governor of West Java, M. Iriawan, appealed to all components of society in West Java to be able to succeed the election in West Java which will take place on Wednesday (27/06) and play an active role in supporting the implementation of this democratic party.

    "We call on all components of society to succeed West Java election," said Iriawan, in West Java Police Headquarters on Monday (25/06).

    Iriawan also invites to all people of West Java whose names are included in the Permanent Voter List (DPT) to come to the Voting Place (TPS) and use the right to vote well.

    "We invite the community to play an active role by channeling their aspirations well in the elections," he said. (Parno)

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