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    Ahead of Voting Day, Iriawan Makes sure Polling Station in West Java is Ready for The Election


    BANDUNG-Acting West Java Governor H. Mochamad Iriawan accompanied by Local Secretary and West Java General Election Commission held a video conference with all desk Election of Regency and City in West Java, consisting of KPU, Panwaslu, Bawaslu, TNI and Polri. Iriawan wants to ensure that one day before voting, electoral logistics, permanent voters list, to security in all polling stations (TPS) there is no problem and ready to hold a vote.

    From the results of monitoring, all regions reported ready to hold the voting. Therefore, Iriawan ensures that elections are simultaneously ready to be held in both Governor Election, Major Election and Regent Election.

    "I checked back the situation as a whole in West Java, all reported, Alhamdulillah, so we conclude that elections in general jabar good and ready, both Pilgub and Pilwalkot and Pilbup God willing to run smoothly We will continue to monitor, but from the results of our report optimistic will run smoothly, "said Iriawan in Secretariat Desk Election Jabar, East Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (26/06/2018).

    Until now the distribution of electoral logistics is still ongoing. Most of the papers and voting booths have reached all the village and village offices that are closely guarded by the security forces.

    "In principle I want to make sure the logistics are already in the village, it varies but most have and all say there is no problem," said Iriawan.

    After doing video conference, Iriawan accompanied by chairman of West Java General Election Commission reviewing the readiness of electoral logistics at the office of Bandung Wetan District Taman Sari Street number 49 and Dago Village Office on Ir H Djuanda street no 279 Bandung.

    According to him, one of the parameters for the success of the elections is the distribution of the voting rights of the people. He also re-upgraded to all State Civil Apapratur to be neutral at the time of voting later.

    "Remember Civil Servant should be neutral, this is a gamble for us all, if not neutral will be a big problem, make sure the entire community is channeled their right to vote, maximum work and trust, good duty," Iriawan told Election Organizer.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa ensures all General Election Commission in 27 districts / cities are ready to distribute all logistics on Tuesday (26/06/2018) afternoon already distributed to Polling Station until it can be completed at night 100%. "The entire district of the city we check again, logistics already in the district and is now being distributed to Polling Station, today must be 100% complete," he said.

    Chairman of the West Java Election Desk also ensures the security situation in 27 areas conducive so that the election West Java Governor Election and regional elections in 16 regions can take place smoothly. Then it concerns the DPT of the first-time voters who turns 17 years old, and members of the TNI / Polri tomorrow into retirement are anticipated.

    "It is already anticipated and the process of recording e-ID card in the area is still running, so that when the time is concerned it can use the political right to cast in each polling station," he explained.

    From coordination and communication via teleconference with the party of Acting West Java Governor Iriawan, Iwa ensures on 27 June tomorrow the voting will take place smoothly. "It is expected that the whole community to participate actively, let alone the government has set Wednesday tomorok holiday," he said.

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