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    Dekranasda Must Actively In Development


    BANDUNG-The West Java National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) Chairman Netty Heryawan opened the Discussion Session on the Dekranasda Working Programme in West Java Province in 2016 which was attended by the General Secretary of the National Crafts Council (Dekranas) Ichwan at Dekranasda Office in West Java, on Friday (26/2/16).

    In her presentation, Netty said Dekranasda West Java Province has a very important role as the government’s partner in the development process. "In 2016, we were faced with variety events and working programs that be carried out relating to featured local products in West Java," said Netty.

    Reminding of the inauguration of Regional Head in 7 districts/cities in West Java by the Governor of West Java on last February 17, 2016, it will have implications for the new administration. "So we'll continue to push the readiness and strategic in welcoming PON XIX in September 2016 and facing the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)," she said.

    "In accordance with the four key success proposed by the Governor of West Java in facing PON XIX 2016 which one of them is success in economic. Dekranasda was active role through booths and displays that will be displayed in each sports venue in West Java in the form of merchandise and culinary,” she continued.

    Additionally, Netty revealed we have to see MEA as a challenge that must be encouraged their protection system on featured local products in West Java. Entering the MEA, others product who already entered including joint cooperation among entrepreneurs in ASEAN will continue to compete with local products and services.

    Netty hopes this meeting can finalise the technical work program in their respective fields because of different sources of data and budget implementation in each programs. If the marketing strategy and human resources were qualify, then the economy in West Java will be increasingly developing for the community’s welfare.



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