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    PLN Guarantees Electricity Supply During Election Moment 27 June


    BANDUNG - To ensure the reliability of electricity supply for the implementation of election and West Java Governor election Year 2018, PLN West Java Distribution has done a fairly intensive coordination with the Election Commission both at the provincial and district / city levels.

    "The coordination among others aims to mapping the objects that are considered vital in accordance with the agenda of election and Governor election simultaneously whose voting will be held on June 27, 2017," said PLN Distribution Manager West Java Iwan Purwana.

    The steps that have been implemented to ensure the reliability of electricity supply in election and West Java Governor election include:

    1. Establish communication with the General Elections Commission (KPU) at both the provincial and regency / municipal levels to inventory vital objects in connection with a series of simultaneous election executions in West Java

    2. Establish Guidance for Simultaneous Election West Java Province in 2018 which contains:
      a. Technical map related to the supply of electricity in a number of important objects throughout West Java
      b. Scenarios of load maneuvers when there is a power supply interruption due to conditions beyond prediction or force majeure
      c. List of key locations and officials associated with securing power supplies

    3. Awareness of officers to keep watch at the two ends of the stresses that supply the important objects during election and West Java Governor election progress. Each of these important objects has been inventoried in the main supply and supply of reserves in anticipation of interference.

    4. Setting up generator backups for the implementation of important agendas including vote counting in general election commitee offices throughout West Java.

    5. Position of power supply and electricity network declared ready to support all activities of Pilkada and Pilgub 2018. PLN appealed to the public to use the electricity network in accordance with the designation for the purposes of Pilkada and Pilgub in the offices and voting places. In the event of problems related to the supply of electricity please contact the Contact Center PLN 123 immediately to be handled by the officer.

    "We declare their readiness to supply electricity during the election process until the end of the process," he concluded. (Jo)

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