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    Ready to Guard Election, Election Supervisory Committee is Requested Neutral


    BANDUNG - On the day of voting for the Regional Head Election on June 27, 2018, the Election Supervisory Committee (Panwaslu) is ready to oversee all stages or process of Simultaneous Election.

    Therefore, as the front guard in the supervision of Regional Head Election, Acting West Java Governor H. Moch. Iriawan asked Election Supervisory Committee to be neutral and maximally in charge. Because Election Supervisory Committee has a noble duty from the state to oversee the democratic party in this country.

    "I hope to maximize the task given (to the panwas) .It's an honor." Neutrality is also important, each also has a voting right, but do not lead others to refer to one of the clones, "pleaded Iriawan in his direction while attending the Standby Readiness Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) Year 2018 Ceremony in West Java Sport Arcamanik, Pacuan Kuda Street, Arcamanik, Bandung, Saturday (23/6/18).

    According to him, Committee is an important element in overseeing election. Because they become the eyes and ears, and contribute directly in every stage of election.

    "I am assigned to escort the implementation of elections that must run smoothly and quality," said Iriawan.

    "And I can not work alone, it can not be if there is no father / mother, who is supervising the election in the field," he continued.

    Iriawan is optimistic and believe the implementation of elections in West Java will run smoothly. "I am confident and optimistic that all the stages of the elections will run smoothly in the middle of our beloved West Java, as a whole in 27 districts / cities and one province," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) West Java Harminus Koto said that his party is ready 24 hours in conducting supervision of election in West Java.

    "Committee is ready, ranging from the provincial level to the Voting Place to oversee the final stages, voting and recapitulation of votes in the district, city, to the provincial level," said Koto.

    "I think all of our officers arrived at the TPS Supervisors already ready to watch him for 24 hours," he added.

    Controlling Campaign Attributes

    On the occasion of 2,000 attendees, Committee was also asked to clean up all campaign props of candidates (Paslon) of election participants. With the end of the campaign period on this day, control of campaign props will begin tonight.

    Harminus Koto admitted, his side has coordinated with the police, TNI, West Java General Election Committee, the candidate pair, Civil Servant Police, and Community Security. "After the campaign today, we work together to clean up all campaign props until cleaned up, starting tonight simultaneously in 27 districts / cities in 627 subdistricts," he said.

    In addition, Koto also added that Committee has anticipated and mapped the potential of the cottage in a preventive manner. Potential vulnerabilities such as money politics, the use of other people's voting rights, voters who are not from domicile, voters who are not old enough, and others.

    "We have plotted and we have preventively prevented and watched and have been going well, and the entire voting community has realized that the whole is the right of voters," explained Koto.

    "All the preparations as well, starting from the ballot box, ballot papers, and other equipment are ready, and also the places that are late in the election are anticipated and we are working with the police," he added.

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