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    Bandung-Tasik Toll is Awaiting Action from Center


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government again encourages the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing to start the Bandung-Tasikmalaya toll project.

    West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa said last week his side had discussions with the Head of Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Herry Trisaputra related to the continuation of toll initiation taking route Gedebage-Majalaya-Garut-Tasikmalaya.

    "We are discussing to resume this toll project considering the feasibility study already exists. Our request BPJT can start an investment tender, "he said in Bandung, Wednesday (20/6/18).

    Iwa claimed that after the Trans Java toll road business started to run, it is time for the government to look to improve the connectivity of the toll in the South.

    "If the Center starts then the Provincial and District / City through which it will fully support, so the means in the South to pass by travelers will be very adequate," he said.

    BPJT itself according to Iwa responded to this encouragement with further discussion plan. From his talks, investment auctions and also initiators are possible to do.

    "At least starting for the Gedebage-Majalaya segment along 15 kilometers can be done land acquisition process until the construction auction," he said.

    In order to trigger the interest of investment, Head of BPJT according to him will coordinate the initiator of the toll road. If this effort succeeds then the step to the investment auction will be more open.

    "Of course the process is in accordance with the rules, but the investment interest to build this toll must be triggered by the initiator," he said.

    According to him, it will ensure that the provincial authority can be done further to sustain the authority and process that is done by the central government.

    "We already have experience in encouraging the initiation of toll roads in Soreang-Pasirkoja so hopefully this toll can be realized," he said.

    Iwa ensured the support of West Java Provincial Government and the area through which toll lanes along approximately 100-106 kilometers is already very ready considering the South is already waiting for a touch of infrastructure.

    "Going home will be much more smoothly with North-South connectivity. Ramp Nagreg and congestion Malangbong will stay memories, "he explained.

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